Microsoft Azure Training in Hyderabad

Introduction to Azure

  • Cloud technology overview
  • What is PaaS/ SaaS/ IaaS
  • Overview of Azure
  • Managing Azure with the Azure portal
  • Demo: Azure Portal
  • Overview of Azure Resource Manager
  • Azure management services
  • Azure Architecture
  • Development Tools
  • Visual Studio tools
  • Demo: Visual Studio tools

Virtual Networks in Microsoft Azure

  • Creating a Virtual Network
  • Understand Point-to-Site Networks
  • Demo: Create Azure virtual networks.

Virtual Machines in Microsoft Azure

  • Create and Configure Virtual Machines
  • Workloads on Azure Virtual Machines
  • Implement Images and Disks
  • VM Networking
  • Configure Disks
  • Monitor Vms
  • Demo: Create and Connect to Virtual Machines
  • Demo: Create an Azure Virtual Network
  • Demo: Configure Endpoints and Monitoring

Implementing Storage in Microsoft Azure

  • Understand Cloud Storage
  • Blobs, Azure Files
  • Storage Queues, Tables
  • Managing Access
  • Create and Manage Storage
  • Configure Diagnostics and Monitoring
  • Demo: Create and manage storage in Azure.

Web Apps for Azure Infrastructure

  • Deploy & Configure Websites
  • Scaling
  • Web App Deployment Models and Methods
  • Web Deploy Packages
  • Deployment Slots
  • Demo: Deploying Azure Web Apps from the Portal
  • Demo: Deploying Azure Web Apps from Visual Studio 2015

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Cloud Services in Azure

  • Overview of Cloud Services
  • Cloud Service Web Roles
  • Customizing Cloud Service Configurations
  • Updating and Managing Cloud Service Deployments
  • Cloud Service Worker Role
  • Cloud Service Worker Role Processing
  • Analyzing Application Cloud Service Role Instances
  • Demo: WebRoles and Worker Roles

SQL Azure

  • Introduction
  • SQL Azure concepts
  • Demonstration: Working with SQL Azure
  • Data synchronization
  • Migration methods
  • Limitations
  • Demo: Migration through SSMS and Visual Studio

Application HostingServices

  • Service Plans
  • Hosting Databases
  • Hosting services on-premises vs Windows Azure
  • Demo: Managing Databases and Azure Subscriptions

Windows Azure Service Bus

  • Introduction Windows Azure Service Bus
  • MSMQ vs Azure Service Bus
  • Windows Azure Service Bus Relays
  • Windows Azure Service Bus Queues
  • Windows Azure Service Bus Topics
  • Demo: Windows Azure Service Bus Relays |Topics |Queues

Deploying Services

  • Creating and deploying Web Application packages
  • Command-line tools for web deployment packages
  • Deploying to Windows Azure Environments
  • Continuous delivery with TFS and GIT
  • Best practices for production deployment
  • Local Redundancy
  • Geo-Redundancy
  • Read-only Geo-Redundancy
  • Demo: Deploying services

Flat No: 111, 1st  Floor, Annapurna Block, Aditya Enclave, Ameerpet, Hyderabad, AP.

Ph No: 7569646131 , 8897093451

Implementing Azure Active Directory

  • Creating and managing Azure AD tenants
  • Administering Active AD
  • Extending on-premises Active Directory domain to Azure
  • Implementing directory synchronization by using Azure AD Connect
  • Configuring directory synchronization
  • Federation Concepts
  • Identity management and access control

Identity Management and Access Control

  • Windows Azure Access Control Service
  • Azure Security Access Control
  • Shared Access Signatures with Azure Service Bus and Queue Storage Services
  • Shared Access Signatures Best Practices

No SQL in Azure

  • Azure Document DB
  • Other No-SQL Alternatives
  • Demo: SQL queries, expressions, Built in Functions

Advanced Topics

  • Introduction to Internet of Things – IoT
  • Event Hubs

             Flat No: 111, 1st  Floor, Annapurna Block, Aditya Enclave, Ameerpet, Hyderabad, AP.

Ph No: 7569646131 , 8897093451